Introduction to SecureLEND

SecureLEND is a simple lending and borrowing protocol but with the most secure infrastructure to protect its users' funds.
Every transaction in SecureLEND is signed by users and sent to its validation nodes which check if the transactions are harmful or suspicious, if any such transaction is found it will immediately inform the devs.
So, no hacker can ever steal your funds!
Secure Lend Working Flow
Benefits of using SecureLEND
  1. 1.
    Security - It is the most secured lending protocol
  2. 2.
    No Frontrunning - No one can take your profits by frontrunning you!
  3. 3.
    Less Gas Fees - Transactions are bunched so you get the cheapest gas fee
  4. 4.
    Different Gas fees token - Gas fees can be paid in our token also
Frequently Asked Questions
1) Isn't this Centralised?
No, it is not Centralised, no one can access your funds except you.
2) Won't our funds Freeze if validator nodes are banned by US Government?
In such harsh conditions, we can easily convert SecureLEND into a normal lending protocol, by disabling the validation system temporarily and can enable it anytime in future
3) What is Secure Contract?
Secure Contract is the heart of this Security System, the SecureLEND smart contract only accepts calls from Secure Contract. The Secure Contract validates the signature, sender, etc. and if everything is fine then call the SecureLEND contract.
4) What is Validation Node?
Validation Nodes are a special type of node designed by the Blockdudes team that checks the transaction with various tools for any harmful sign, and if found harmful will immediately notify the devs, and if the transaction is ok then it is signed by nodes and sent to the Secure Contract in the blockchain
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